Introduction To Accountantsplus Blog

We are very excited that our long conceived idea is now given a birth to on with the  lunching of this platform. In course of our chosen careers cum experiences we have gathered in workplaces and through interactive engagements with the  various business communities and regulators we have been able to identified potentials in helping to solved business problems using our skills and experiences as seasoned accounting professionals.

There can be know better time than now when the government focus is to encourage foreign investors, encourage fund inflows from nationals abroad and encourage entrepreneurs among her teeming population. This has been tagged as Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria.

The regulator in charge with the responsibility of incorporation and and registration of business in Nigeria the Corporate Affairs Commission – CAC  has moved the larger part of its offices to the Internet sites. We have been able to see some of clients freshly incorporated within a week and at a significantly reduced company’s formation cost. Hitherto the cost used to be huge and often capitalised and to be written off against corporate profits of some initial years but now it can be expensed within year.

The government of Nigeria Ease of Doing Business also involve process changes in the National Passport and International ViSA application processing by the Immigration Service and like the CAC is yielding positive results.  There are ‘gang planking’ a sort of integration between these organisations and the FIRS to facilitate across portals interactions and it has been able to removed duplications of visits to different offices or sites as it were.

Both the government and her citizens are aware of low tax remittance compliance.

There are processed data that the small scales to medium sizes range of business are in some cases not aware of their tax obligations and others that are aware, they have no technical accounting supports services to generate the necessary information needed.

The data also shows that current rate of tax compliance is about 12%  and the reasons for this is in deliberate tax evasson attributable to equally low tax payer education. These emergent problems can be addressed to the satisfactions of all the stakeholders.

Ours business is to assist these stakeholders through business developmental ideas, accounting support services, effective tax planning and  effecient tax execution.

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